Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cricket Wireless Broadband Review (Part 2)

I have now used it in around 8 different areas in the city. Just in case, they claim that my location is the problem, not the network they connect to the internet through. I know it sounds crazy, but I have dealt with too many of these phone companies. They always try to make YOU the problem. Except for a few bursts here and there where it is almost acceptable for just surfing. It has not gotten any better. In some reviews I am seeing, people are reviewing it positively? I can't believe that. They must have been connecting to aol, through a tin can with a string. My plans for this week is to call and cancel my account this week. I also think it is funny. I got an SMS for a bill. It said they woudl bill me on the 10th. I didn't receive my usb modem until the 13th? I guess I get to pay while it was being delivered.

My wifes cell phone works great though. I purchased here a refab motorola. It was 29 bucks, and it has worked like a dream. It seems their phoen network in Colorado is decent. She has not had a single dropped call.

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