Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Which hacker conference is better

Next year I was planning on going to Defcon. I am more interested in physical security than IT security. Probably since in my past job I did allot of application hacks for banks and different corporations. My current hobby is lockpicking. After looking at the Fifth Hope Conference website. This conference looks like it may be the one to go to. Has anyone been to both of them? Which would you go to if you could only do one?

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hiking the trails with the family.

Big Trip

We will be starting on our big trip next Friday. I plan to post pictures and podcasts of our trip across the country. I have to head back to Ohio for work. We are planning to take 4 days each way and experience as much as we can of this great country.
I have an affinity for the bizarre, so no one has any idea what types of weird items I may find. LOL

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Best Game Ever (so far)

Well, I think World of Warcraft has won this distinction. If you have never played a MMORPG before, then play this one. If you have played them all, then get this one. If you can that is. Numerous cities have completely sold out it appears. I know in my hometown. I went to get the strategu guide, and not only was that sold out, but the game was too. Not one store, but Media Play, Game Stop, Comp USA and Circuit City. This is no one horse town, but a nice sized city in Colorado. Why do I like it?

One of the main reasons I love this game is it does not force you to group with others. It appears that most classes are suitable for Solo Play. So no more getting stuck with some group of 10 year old yahoo's or waiting for hours to get a group. Just go out on your own. So far in 4 weeks of playing I have only grouped a couple of times. I have created Hunter, Mage, Warlock, Rogue, Paladin and Druid. They all seem to be pretty easy to solo at least to the 16th level.

Second reason I love the game. The questing system just feels right. Now quests seem to make sense. It makes the lower level so much fun. Now instead of just aimlessly killing squirels and rats. You are pulled into the world through the quests. You have the quest log at your fingertips. It gives you plenty of info to find where to go and what to do. You can abando quests when you want. You can keep many going. It is not uncommon to get close to a level just in questing what is available in your area. You will still be killing 12 kobolds, but now you are killign them for a reason. You get the experience for killing, then the experience for the quest and some nice reward. There are so many quests, especially at the lower levels that you never have a problem finding one.

Monday, January 31, 2005

Warhammer Dawn of War - a review

When I saw this game in White Dwarf magazine, let me tell you I was excited. I love Games Workshop miniature games. I have been a fan for years. I know longer play 40k, but that didn't matter. I have numerous Fantasy armies. I have a epic 40k army, orks. I use to have three warmaster armies, I was forced to sell them when I could never find opponents. This was mainly due to the fact none of the game stores in the Cleveland area, where I originally hailed would allow you to play them in their stores. This is another story though for another time. I also play their historical line. When I say I have fantasy armies, let me tell you that is not exception. I own or have owned every army except standard orcs and tomb kings at one time. I currently field a very competitive orc army. I also can field over 5k in skaven. This skaven army may be on sell at ebay soon, by the bye. So to my review. One, I was really blown away by the LACK of quality in the packaging. When you spend $49.95 on a program you expect the cd case not to fall apart when you open it. The packaging while on the box looked good, just seemed like it was done at a lesser quality than I could of done at home. One nice thing, is it did come with a manual. I hate games that do not have printed manuals. Installation went well. The game ran well o my laptop, which is far from the biggest, baddest dog on the block. Now one positive, the animations are unbelievable. They are beautiful for the most part. I could see GW using this company to create 15 - 20 minute movies that they could sell. The game, while showing lots of promise, seemed to be way to much a lightly updated version of Star Craft. The campaign mode, give you no real choices. Half the fun of the game is the building of armies. That was the deal breaker. I normally enjoy campaign modes much more than playing against others online. If I want to play online I normally play World of Warcraft or a first person shooter. I do play this type of game frequently at LAN parties.
So in short if you are a monster 40k fan. Then get this game, in fact I will be selling mine shortly on Ebay, LOL. If not, then this is pretty much a lightly updated version of Starcraft.

Sunday, January 23, 2005


This is my first post. I finally have the time after moving to Colorado Springs, Colorado to start up my blog. This blog is inspired by my friend Corey Haines blog. I hope this blog to be the antidote to his LOL