Monday, January 31, 2005

Warhammer Dawn of War - a review

When I saw this game in White Dwarf magazine, let me tell you I was excited. I love Games Workshop miniature games. I have been a fan for years. I know longer play 40k, but that didn't matter. I have numerous Fantasy armies. I have a epic 40k army, orks. I use to have three warmaster armies, I was forced to sell them when I could never find opponents. This was mainly due to the fact none of the game stores in the Cleveland area, where I originally hailed would allow you to play them in their stores. This is another story though for another time. I also play their historical line. When I say I have fantasy armies, let me tell you that is not exception. I own or have owned every army except standard orcs and tomb kings at one time. I currently field a very competitive orc army. I also can field over 5k in skaven. This skaven army may be on sell at ebay soon, by the bye. So to my review. One, I was really blown away by the LACK of quality in the packaging. When you spend $49.95 on a program you expect the cd case not to fall apart when you open it. The packaging while on the box looked good, just seemed like it was done at a lesser quality than I could of done at home. One nice thing, is it did come with a manual. I hate games that do not have printed manuals. Installation went well. The game ran well o my laptop, which is far from the biggest, baddest dog on the block. Now one positive, the animations are unbelievable. They are beautiful for the most part. I could see GW using this company to create 15 - 20 minute movies that they could sell. The game, while showing lots of promise, seemed to be way to much a lightly updated version of Star Craft. The campaign mode, give you no real choices. Half the fun of the game is the building of armies. That was the deal breaker. I normally enjoy campaign modes much more than playing against others online. If I want to play online I normally play World of Warcraft or a first person shooter. I do play this type of game frequently at LAN parties.
So in short if you are a monster 40k fan. Then get this game, in fact I will be selling mine shortly on Ebay, LOL. If not, then this is pretty much a lightly updated version of Starcraft.

Sunday, January 23, 2005


This is my first post. I finally have the time after moving to Colorado Springs, Colorado to start up my blog. This blog is inspired by my friend Corey Haines blog. I hope this blog to be the antidote to his LOL