Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cricket Wireless Broadband Review (Part 2)

I have now used it in around 8 different areas in the city. Just in case, they claim that my location is the problem, not the network they connect to the internet through. I know it sounds crazy, but I have dealt with too many of these phone companies. They always try to make YOU the problem. Except for a few bursts here and there where it is almost acceptable for just surfing. It has not gotten any better. In some reviews I am seeing, people are reviewing it positively? I can't believe that. They must have been connecting to aol, through a tin can with a string. My plans for this week is to call and cancel my account this week. I also think it is funny. I got an SMS for a bill. It said they woudl bill me on the 10th. I didn't receive my usb modem until the 13th? I guess I get to pay while it was being delivered.

My wifes cell phone works great though. I purchased here a refab motorola. It was 29 bucks, and it has worked like a dream. It seems their phoen network in Colorado is decent. She has not had a single dropped call.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cricket Wireless Broadband Review

I just received my usb wireless modem from Cricket. I had used Verizon's in the past. I will tell you right now I am very disappointed. I will try it from a few different locations this week. From my home I am getting three bars on my mac and Vista machine. I am seeing pings of over 800ms. On a new server of WOW, I was in the red, even though the server was low volume. My max transmit rate is 21.1 kbps, my receive rate is 105 kbps. The MTU was not returning a value for me. It takes 72 seconds to return Yahoo mail. Facebook is over a minute. It seems slower to me than my dial up modem.

I was hoping it would become a decent replacement for DSL, but at least where in Colorado Springs it appears to be lacking. Here are some screen shots of trace routes.

For those who are not familiar asterisks are bad. LOL

It appears that level3 is where Cricket gets its bandwidth from. I will try it in a few days just in case it is a one day occurrence.