Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sprint Service Nightmare, wins worst ever service award!

I do not know why someone would be with sprint from a plan service perspective. I have been a customer ONE day and listen to my story;

Purchased blackery, 300 minutes a month, 300 sms messages, and unlimited web and email. They said I would have a $125 spending limit. I pay $249 for the phone; happy as a clam I await my purchase.

Next day, I see the status online claims my phone was activated and shipped.

I get the phone the next day! WOW, that was fast. I open the box and a nice red letter tells me my phone was locked during shipping, here is your new number, here is your unlock key.

I put the battery in. I see the phone is actually NOT activated. No biggie, I will read the manual and do that.

I am told to dial*2, and all will be peachy. I dial the number, and I get a message asking if I am a new or existing customer. I say existing, I get a message, my phone number is not in their db, click I am gone.

So I call back again, a little concerned. I then state I am a new customer, and I get routed to a sales person. I tell them I ordered the phone, and the activation would not work. He then claimed he did not see me in one database, and he would have to take a few minutes to look in another.

After 5 minutes, he states, I must be in a database he does not have access to, and he will transfer me to another person.

I get transferred to the next person. A lady with a slight Indian accent. After one hour, she says she will have to program my phone. Could she call me at a different number than the phone. Sure, I give her my number, now very concerned.

She calls me, after I hang-up. Then she puts me on hold for over one hour while she says she is doing something.

One hour later she comes on, thanks me for the long wait. Says, she can do nothing, and will have to transfer me to her partner. I am a little hot. I bite my tongue. I then get transferred, this time the lady has an accent that is unintelligible, and the connection is like she is standing down the hall. I have to AGAIN remove my battery, find the ESN number (why would their system not transfer that). She then does the WORST job of trying to talk me through programming my OWN phone. In 20 years of IT, 3 of it in owning an ISP, so I know what phone support SHOULD be, we get my phone activated. She says though, that I have to wait three hours before using it, because I need to get updates.

I thought my pain was over. I thought I was in Nirvana.

Three hours later, I decide I will set up my email. What no browser link, no email link? Isn't that what the blackberry is for?

I decide to look on the web see if others have had this happen. I so did NOT want to call their support again.

After researching it showed I have no services programmed, and I would need to call their support, if after going to Sprints website and requesting them to resend them did not work. Guess what, it didn't LOL

I called them again. I told the new person (at least this one I could her and understand) my pain. So 45 minutes later we change the network info on my phone and get my services installed. She then notices that I do not have internet access on my phone. I said what, I bought the unlimited plan. She says it is not on my account. I told her I downloaded opera trying to resend the services myself. If I didn’t have internet access, how could I do that? She said without the service I can still use the web, I am just paying a premium rate? Shocked, I said I bought it on your website. It told me there would be these charges. She said she saw all except that. She said she would remove any previous web charges and set me up with the web and email unlimited plan.

I am asked how my experience was; laughing I say if I have no more problems it is fine.

So I set up my email, go to sleep. I wake up the next morning. I check my email on the phone. That is great. I then go to call my voicemail. I get a message my phone has been shut off for non-payment or I have exceeded my credit limit! What how could that be. I am transferred to finance. He claims he sees a 300 dollar charge. It appears like I did not pay for my phone. What I paid $249 for the phone; I saw the charge on my corporate Visa. I rant now for 20 minutes, making sure someone at Sprint feels my pain. He claims he is in Finance and can do NOTHING to help me. I ask him, if I take my phone back today to a Sprint store, what will I owe. He said just for any calls, maybe $30. I tell him my only calls were to his support people. He offers to transfer me to customer service. I tell him that has messed up in setting up my phone that has made mistakes in regards to my plans; they have now made billing mistakes. There is no way after one day of Sprint service would I stay a customer.

The only positive is that I did not cancel my Verizon, which I have had with ZERO issues for 7 years.