Saturday, November 24, 2007

More Sprint Madness

After talking with their special cancellation team and they telling me I would NEVER get any communications from Sprint. They are now claiming I owe them 271 dollars! They are also claiming I still owe for my MONTHLY service. I had the phone and service less than 24 hours. Has anyone else had issues with cancellation and billing issues?

It appears they may have dinged my credit too. I am now researching any open class action suits against them. I am so ticked at Sprint, my whole goal in life now is to warn people about what a crappy, pitiful experience I have had. I personally do not care if I have to now get a lawyer and pay out of my pocket to sue them.

Currently my cost is one lost day, 12 hours dealing with their support. That number is growing. I called them as soon as I got the bill. The billing department claimed they could do nothing. They would have to forward me to their cancellation team. I jumped down that moron's throat. I told him, get me your manager. I waited 30 minutes, to go into that person's voice mail.

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