Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Google SketchUp

My daughter wants me to have her room redone for Christmas. It will be an American Idol room. I am working on creating plans for the bed. It will be a stage that has a twin bed that rolls out of it like a trundle bed. I am starting on the plans right now. This brings up what I want to talk about. Google Sketchup. This program is so much fun. It is an easy to use 3D design package. It is free to download. Go to Google and search Sketchup and you will see the links to down load it. They have tons of videos and tutorials. I spent about 10 hours already just playing with designs and such. If you want to know what would be great though, is if someone did for Sketchup what has been done for SecondLife. Currently you can output SecondLife creations and get them turned into real items for around 100 bucks. If you could do this with items you have made in Sketchup that would be incredible. You would have to choose a scale for the finished product. So someone please work on this.

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